The Home Care 100 Intelligence Group is a new membership group comprised of leading home care and hospice providers and solution partners. The group will receive intelligence on business strategy, innovation and leadership on an annual subscription model. By analyzing trends across providers, payers, policy, consumers, investors and technology, the Intelligence Group aims to provide fresh insights to home care and hospice providers as they navigate a very different future during COVID and beyond. Services provided to the group include:

Monthly Think Tanks

60-minute, live conference call featuring original research and top experts discussing the future of the home care and hospice business, and new strategic innovations.

Monthly Meetings

Immediately after each Think Tank, provider and solution partner members will hold two
8-minute meetings (optimized by reciprocal choice). A very efficient way to gain and share best practice insights.

Weekly Intelligence Feed

An e-newsletter delivering fresh insights in strategy, innovation, leadership and policy. Each issue will also include a provider case study and profiles of innovative solution partners.

Quarterly Analyst Report

A long-form report that will cover a Think Tank topic with additional analysis and depth.

Bi-Annual Executive MBA Workshop

Two virtual workshops per year on leadership, customized to the home care and hospice sectors, led by a top business school professor.

Community Interviews & Connections

Each provider member will be interviewed (twice/year) for content input (Think Tanks or Intelligence Feed) and connections (connecting you to other members who may be a source of learning for a current initiative).

Online Forum

An easy-to-use community directory with member profiles; a content library of all Think Tanks, Intelligence Feeds and Analyst Reports; and an active membership forum to share best practices.

Complimentary trial memberships are available through December 31, 2020.

Please contact Mike Morrissey to inquire about complimentary provider and partner enrollment: or (203) 644-1725.

Membership will be limited to 100 leading providers and 100 leading solution partners.

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